Three must play games this February

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I’m the nerd who has just about every system. Be it Switch, PC, Xbox or Playstation, I can’t stop reading about new games and in many cases buying and trying them out. Every single month some crazy title comes out that I feel like I just need to get my hands on. In this article, I check out a few incredible games released in the past month. Don’t want to read on – or perhaps you trust us too much here? Here at BlitzReviews we won’t force you to read on. The must play games this February are Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Tekken 8, and Super Mario RPG. Enjoy!

Prince of Persia – The Lost Crown

It seems like just yesterday that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time stormed into my life and changed how I felt about the Nintendo Gamecube. I got this game for Christmas just a few short days after saying “I do” to my incredible wife. I probably say she is incredible because she was clearly patient enough to let me play this game through in just a few days when I should have been “honeymooning”. Fast forward 20 years, and Ubisoft drops the sweetness that is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Sure, things have changed a tad. What was once a 3D 3rd person adventure is now a side-scrolling adventure right from the vein of Metroid or Castlevania (for those who may not know this sub-genre is lovingly call this Metroidvania). Is it fun? Yup. Is it a great story? Yup. Have I finished it yet? Nope. In fact, I’m just getting started, but it doesn’t take long to know that this one is going to be one worth finishing and possibly playing multiple times.

Tekken 8

This one also takes me way back! I absolutely loved demolishing friends in Tekken back in the day. Tekken has always taken a slightly different approach to fighting games, and I recall being smitten with the arcade simply because the original Tekken was there. Fast forward to today and we finally get Tekken 8.

With 32 redesigned fighters, a new “Heat” system, and amazing graphics, Tekken 8 helps me get a bit nostalgic and may just be the best one yet. Couple that with a new Arcade mode and tons of customization options, and I have a feeling I am going to be sitting on the couch more than I should. If you are new to Tekken, fear not. It’s pretty easy to pick up and hard not to love. Sadly though, my kids already crush me in it.

Super Mario RPG

Our third and final must play game this February is Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Sure, it’s a remake. Sure, you may have already played it back in 1996 when it was released. This new release just looks so much better and brings back wave after wave of sweet, sweet, nostalgia – ahhhh. Okay enough of that.

This beautifully designed remake plays very close to the original, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t add anything. There is now an action gauge that fills when successfully completing action commands. Once the gauge is filled, players will do damage to all the enemies they face. In addition to damage, players can also pull off a dominant three-person attack leaving enemies devastated. I personally love the new monster list, and there is now some replayability that factors in because I can replay bosses – beware though – these “rematches” only take place if you complete certain conditions.

Needless to say, my February is full. I wish I had more time. Whether playing Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Tekken 8, or Super Mario RPG, I win. These are hands down the must play games this February. The beautiful thing? Each of these games offer different elements for different gamers. If one doesn’t suit you, surely another will. Otherwise, I guess you can always go back to Fortnite. Gamers are already spoiled this year. Happy gaming!

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