The best running shoes to get you back into spring shape

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Spring is almost here! In Minnesota, we are in a bit of shock as the weather just won’t stay cold. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t complaining. At least I’m not. There are a few of those crazies who are upset they didn’t get to bust out the snowmobiles this year but not this guy. I’m perfectly happy without the snow and enjoying some decent weather. This week we are supposed to hit over 50 degrees. This is nearly unheard of this time of year. So why not bust out some outdoor gear and enjoy the weather? Without further ado, here are some of the best shoes we’ve taken a look at in the past several months that will help you get into shape early this spring.

Vimazi Pace-Tuned Running Shoes

These comfortable shoes may not look like the latest in fashion, but they are incredibly versatile and designed to help runners hit their pace. In fact, you can order the shoe that best fits your pace in order to help propel you forward on your daily haul. The Z40’s are a great option for advanced runners who hit a 6:15 – 7:45 minute mile.

The forward propulsion design in the Vimazi shoe keeps runners at their best throughout the entirety of their trek. Not ready for that fast of a pace? Vimazi still has you covered with their variety of options. Too slow? That’s just fine too, this company has a shoe for every runner. They even have trail running kicks that are pace-tuned. The level of tech in these shoes will make any runner happy.

The downside? There aren’t a ton of options in style for each pace. Most runners will still be happy, but if you are looking for a shoe at your pace with stylistic options, you may need to search elsewhere.

On Cloudultra 2

Designed with “Helion superfoam cushioning”, the Cloudultra 2 truly delivers superior comfort for runners. These are great for trail running and create a smooth ride even on difficult terrain. These kicks crush much of the competition in a lightweight shoe as they weigh in at only 295 grams. Higher heel padding helps keep heels secure while providing great midfoot lockdown.

Additionally, the Cloudultra 2 is made with a FlipRelease system allowing runners to release any pressure laces may put on the upper foot without having to stop and retie. If you are looking for a stellar lightweight shoe with flexibility and options, these may just be your jogging jam.

Under Armour Flow Velocity Wind 2

Looking for a great shoe with a bit more tech built in? The Under Armour Flow Velocity Wind 2 shoes have your back. UA designed these bad boys with Bluetooth built straight into the shoe itself. Easy pairing with the Map My Run app lends amazing tech to runners who love to see just how many steps they get in and at what pace.

We loved the lightweight feel to these while playing a variety of sports outside of running as well. The Flow Velocity Wind 2 offers a lightweight diverse feel and left us lifting our feet with ease on every step. These also offer superior breathability and left us wondering why we ever wore a heavier set of shoes while trying to play a game of pickup hoops. Check them out and love them.

These are our top picks for the best spring running shoes a host of different reasons mentioned above. Got a favorite pair of kicks we need to test out? Let us know by emailing Happy running!

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