The LitezAll Nearly Invincible Flashlight review

LitezAll Flashlight

I’m a sucker for a “one off” bargain, especially when it comes to things like flashlights. So, when I came across the last LitezAll Nearly Invincible Flashlight on the shelf at a local Home Store for a bargain price, there was no way I was passing it up. This 9AA cell, 4200 / 2300 Lumens light boasts a lifetime warranty, 2/4-hour runtime in high / low modes, IPX4 water resistance, and drop resistance of 9 meters. So how does it stack up to other flashlights I own?

Tough as nails

On the surface, the “nearly invincible” claim seems pretty legitimate. It’s a bit of a behemoth at 10” with an aluminum body and rubberized caps for the switch / lamp ends of the flashlight. It has similar weight and heft as the other 9AA cell flashlights I own, which is to say easily over a pound, and is an LED lamp – do they make any other kind these days?  I didn’t try dropping it from anywhere close to 9 meters but drops from any normal carrying height onto hard dirt surfaces had zero effect on the LitezAll and washing it off only made it shiny again, with no effect on functionality. It definitely appears to be more than durable enough for any typical use. The packaging was nice, and I also like the fact that it came pre-loaded with 9AA alkaline batteries.

Is it bright?

In a word – yes!  The LitezAll Nearly Invincible Flashlight is very bright, with excellent range. I’ve made quite a few trips around that biggest, brightest light of all in the sky at this point and if you’ve been around as long as me, you’ll understand when I say that the LitezAll is not the red plastic incandescent flashlight with two non-alkaline “D” batteries and all the luminance of a birthday candle that your mom sent you to camp with as a kid. No, the LitezAll rivals the headlights on your Scoutmaster’s car that had to be used to illuminate the campground while you all set up your tents after dark back in the day. You won’t need any car headlights if you have the LitezAll with you.

Speaking of camping, would I take the LitezAll on a family camping trip?  Absolutely. Would I take it on a backpacking trip where space is at a premium and every ounce matters?  Probably not, unless I wanted a flashlight that could also double as a billy club to fend off a potential wild animal attack – yes, it feels that durable. You want the right tool for the right job. When I want a snapshot with friends at dinner, I use my cell phone camera. When I want a good photo of an Eagle 100 feet away in a treetop, I use my DSLR camera and a 600mm zoom lens. The LitezAll is your “600mm lens” of flashlights.     


Would I change anything about this flashlight?  Not much. It’s big, heavy, durable, and bright. “Nearly Invincible” is what it advertises itself to be on the package, and it makes no apologies for possessing the qualities that statement brings to mind. The only thing I might change is that I’d prefer to be able to narrow the beam of the light a bit more. It’s a wide beam that covers a lot of area, and although you can rotate the end cap to narrow the beam, it’s still relatively wide even at its minimum adjustment for width.

The LitezAll Nearly Invincible Flashlight is more of a floodlight than a spotlight, if you will, but the name implies it “lights all,” and that is definitely the truth!  I’m very pleased with this flashlight and certainly recommend it.             


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