Olight’s Olantern Stretch is the perfect camping companion – and it hides a fantastic secret

Olight continues to impress with new products, and the latest Olantern Stretch is certainly no exception. With each use of the lantern, I find myself enjoying it more and more. The design, functionality, and optional brightness settings make this camping lantern a fun and necessary addition to any outdoor excursion. The decorative vintage copper exterior also fits a woodsy cabin motif making it perfect for indoor use as well.

Olantern Stretch Design

Perhaps my favorite part of the Olantern Stretch is its design. Sure, it’s a modernized light source, but the vintage copper finish fits perfectly on my cabin bedside nightstand. It would look fantastic as a lamp in just about any location. The point is one doesn’t necessarily have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the Olantern Stretch. I love the vintage appeal. It isn’t just the color though. The lantern is so much more. It features an easy-to-use control knob that allows me to adjust the brightness settings with a simple turn of the dial. While I prefer warm light in my room, a small switch allows me to quickly flip to white light in case I need a change.

Yes, obviously the lantern looks like a lantern, but the design within the lamp there lies a secret. This lantern can literally stretch out to a max height of 16 inches. I must confess, it took me like two weeks to even realize this. I kept wondering why on earth this thing was called the “Olantern Stretch” until one day I just decided to try to pull it apart out of curiosity. Thankfully, Olight explains how this works in its instruction manual, but apparently, I don’t read those right away.

In addition to the Olantern Stretch’s vintage design, switch, and brightness knob, is the charging port. All I have to do is remove the rubber tab on the bottom front of the device, and I have the option of plugging the lamp in via a USB-C port. A USB-A port is also included for an emergency charging output as well.

Olantern Stretch Function

The functionality of the Olantern Stretch is beyond fantastic. Yes, it’s great as a light source, and it puts out just the right amount of light for multipurpose functionality, but the battery life and charging capabilities may be what truly makes this light shine. 250 hours. Yep. The lantern can literally last for up to 250 hours as a light source due to its 16,000 mAh battery. This is 1.4x larger than the previous Olantern Classic 2 Pro (which is also pretty sweet).

The other major win for this lantern is the aforementioned ability to charge my portable devices in a jam. The Stretch features 18W Quick Charging capability, which is what makes it such a unique device. For reference, if the lamp is fully charged, it could charge an iPhone 15 Pro about 3.5 times! So, it’s a lantern that stretches physically, but it also stretches out the life of your much needed electronics too. Win win.

The Brightness

Finally, let’s talk about the most obvious feature any light ought to have. Brightness. The Olantern Stretch gives off up to 130 lumens of warm light (my favorite type of light), and up to 500 lumens of white light. While using this in a tent or even in my bedroom, this is more than enough. Again, keep in mind I mention “up to” in lumens because the light is adjustable with the dial. Finally, when the lantern is stretched out, it increases light coverage by roughly 2.3 times.


The Olantern Stretch is the perfect tag along to any outdoor trip. Whether chilling out on the boat, hanging out in a tent, or even just reading a book in a bedroom, there is always a reason to keep this lantern close by. The battery life is unbelievable, and the fact that I can charge my phone quickly if necessary, only adds to the appeal. Suffice it to say, the Olantern Stretch is just a ton of fun in a simple gadget. Enjoy.

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