Unleash Superior Comfort: Turtle Beach Atlas Air Headset Review

With a ridiculous number of options out there, it is hard to know what gaming headset to buy. In fact, one could argue gamers have too many options. One thing I do know, there are a couple of brands out there that rarely, if ever disappoint. One of those brands used to be Roccat, but Roccat’s days are over. Thankfully, Turtle Beach owned the Roccat brand, and times really haven’t changed that much. In fact, with the Turtle Beach’s brand-new Atlas Air Headset, gaming innovation looks to be in good hands. In this review I’ll explain what comes in the box, why the new cans are so dang comfy, beautiful, and how they offer some killer sound. Read on my fellow Blitzers.

In the Box

Turtle Beach has found a formula for including all the right accessories that just works. Not only is the product artfully packaged it is simply fun to unbox. Why? Because it comes with everything you need and then some. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’re gonna get when you pop open this love letter to gaming. Besides the obvious headset, you are going to be scoring a carrying bag, a detachable mic (and windscreen for the mic), a USB-A wireless transmitter, a 5.9ft USB-C to A charging cable, and finally a 5.9ft 3.55mm audio cable.

These are all the options I “need”, but what’s missing? Okay, nothing is truly missing. But what about accessories? The Atlas Air delivers the goods here too. If you head on over to their website, they also offer a “mod-pack” allowing me to change up the earcups and headband to my favorite gaming colors. This is great for all you streamers showing off out there.

I wouldn’t change anything about what’s included, but I do wish the set came with a swappable battery option. I’m not a huge fan of connecting power adapters at this point in gaming tech, but at least it’s easy and done right with USB-C.

Superior Comfort

So, we know what comes in the box and what doesn’t, but it’s key to realize that the main thing in the box is what makes this package so great. That, my friends, is the headset itself. When I first place the Turtle Beach Atlas Air set on top of the ‘Ol noggin’, I can’t help but notice the comfort. I mean I’m talking Arctis Nova Pro wireless level comfort. This is truly saying something. The Arctis Nova Pro wireless cans are considered to be the best ever made. The headband consists of floating earcups that truly allow for a sensational feel while gaming. It’s in a word – perfect. It’s just so nice. If I move a bit too much, sure they shake a bit but – dang – you gotta try these just for their comfort if nothing else. Literally, these are worth purchasing for this reason alone.

Superior Design

So, how’s the build? Well – let’s start off with the fact that Turtle Beach has just created the world’s first ever floating earcup set. On the whole, they are totally plastic. It doesn’t seem to matter though. The Turtle Beach Atlas Air set are sturdy. I didn’t drop them or shake them off my head, but I don’t see them breaking anytime soon. Given time – perhaps the bands for the floating earcups could wear down, but again these from a design standpoint are pretty flawless. If I could make them feel weightier but not lose comfort, I suppose I would, but I think that is just something inside my head that weight must mean quality. Believe me these are quality.

There are a few buttons on the cans that allow for power, quick switch (Bluetooth to 2.4Ghz option), the microphone port, and a USB-C charging port. The mic sounds pretty good, but it still isn’t going to quite match the beautiful sounds of a separate USB or XLR mic. I’ve learned over time though that headset mics are just freaking convenient. If I’m not directly streaming, I really don’t care how I sound to everyone else if I’m just “gaming” with buddies.

One additional feature I have to mention is the ability to adjust the equalizer and volume settings right on my phone from the Turtle Beach app. I love this option because it lets me take care of audio business right from the device, I’m going to have on my 99.9% of the time anyways – big win here as well. PC users don’t freak out – you can still adjust in the app on your rig.

Superior Sound?

Alright – is the best saved for last here? Sound is quite obviously the key for most people in regard to a new purchase of a gaming set. So does the open back make it more challenging to engage in the full gaming experience? The sound is great. Turtle Beach really excels with Mids. Gone are the overblown testosterone laden low blasts that in some ways got annoying on much older Turtle Beach models. Nor are highs too extensive. With 40mm Drivers and High-Fidelity 24-bit audio quality, the Atlas Air just lands well with great sound that works – not too much low, not too much high, just right.

Regardless of my gaming choice from Diablo 4 (Season 4) to Apex (somebody please teach me how to not suck at this game) to simple games like Portal 2, the sound just flat-out rocks. The Atlas Air is compatible with all systems as long as you don’t mind using a cable on systems like the Xbox Series X.


I’m going to take us back to the land of porridge and the Three Bears. The Turtle Beach Atlas Air is just right. The durable headset offers possibly the best in class when it comes to comfort. Partner that up with a sweet new open back design with floating earcups and a phenomenal sound quality and you’ve got yourself a sweet set of cans that should last a long time. For $179 the Atlas Air gaming headset is a killer accessory. Game on.

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