New Nomad Cooking System creates extraordinary outdoor cooking experiences

Nomad Cooking System

The new Nomad Cooking System by Stoke Voltaics is the latest in outdoor cooking options. Stoke Voltaics excels at electrifying outdoor adventures. Deeply rooted in this goal is their love for the great outdoors and commitment to ‘leave no trace.’ The Nomad Cooking System is the epidemy of Stoke Voltaics’ aim to design gear for outdoor enthusiasts that is both functional and environmentally responsible.

The new all-in-one Nomad Cooking System from Stoke Voltaics is ideal for on the go cooking solutions. Whether traveling or car camping it makes cooking a breeze. The Nomad Cooking System is portable, durable, and lightweight. Plus, the robust and modular design make the Nomad easy to carry and a practical solution to cooking needs on the go.

In the Box:

The Nomad Cooking System comes in a compact box, with everything securely organized and packaged. As I pull out the various pieces I uncover the reactor, power cable, sizzling pan, bubbling pot, lid and detachable handle. The detachable handle has a nifty locking feature for peace of mind while in use and is compatible with both the pot and pan. A user manual is also included for easy navigation.

I am surprised at just how light the reactor is – although honestly I’m not sure what I was expecting. The bubbling pot has a pouring lip and internal markings indicating a one-liter (34 ounce) maximum for safe filling. The sizzling pan features a ribbed texture which is perfect for those classic sear marks. Both feature non-stick surfaces.


After unboxing the Nomad Cooking System, I can’t wait to get started. I plug in the reactor and put the pot on to boil some water. It nests on the reactor, which greatly reduces the chance that it will spill or tip. I appreciate there isn’t an open flame that I have to contend with or worry about. With a click the reactor knob displays 200W. Turning the dial I can adjust the heating level in increments of 200W all the way up to 1000W. After just 4 minutes at 1000W, I see the first bubbles rising – and at just 8 minutes I have a whole liter of water at a rapid boil.

In another cooking experience I use the Nomad to scramble some eggs. I find it takes a little finesse to cook at the right wattage heating level. But once I experiment a little I get the hang of it. The eggs cook up great – nice and fluffy. They also clean up easily with a damp cloth, which isn’t always the case even with non-stick cookware.

The sizzling pan works similarly to the pot. Whether I want to grill some meat or cook something smaller it cooks quickly and effectively. The detachable handle allows me lots of control while cooking, and the versatility to use it on either the pot or the pan. While I was concerned that the heating would be uneven, I find that generally it cooks uniformly. Additionally, the available lid helps trap in heat or steam to give me lots of cooking options.

Features and Specs:

The new Nomad Cooking System gives me tons of options with its modular design. Although I wished it had more compact nesting design for more efficient packing when not in use. Still, its versatility is nearly unmatched in allowing me to cook for myself, a group of people, or on the go. I can quickly and conveniently mix or match the cookware with the reactor to make a crafted meal with ease.

Another great feature is the Nomad uses induction through the Nomad reactor making it the ultimate outdoor electricity solution. It has five heating power levels and can integrate seamlessly with a variety of car inverters and whole spectrum of portable power stations, RVs, and regular outlets. For peace of mind, when I remove the pan or pot a safety feature kicks in and pauses the reactor (after 3 minutes of non-use it automatically shuts off).

Additionally, the Nomad Cooking Reactor has an integrated Smart Cookware Recognition Technology and Intelligent Cooking Programs. Combined with the Sizzling Pan and Bubbling Pot, these sophisticated temperature sensors and algorithms work to adjust and moderate the heat and power for precise cooking.

On the practical side, the whole Nomad Cooking System weighs in at just 3kg. While it uses 120V, it is capable of cooking anywhere from 200 – 1000W. Additionally, the pan measures 8.65 x 3.5 inches and can hold up to 45 ounces. The pot’s capacity is a respectable 50 ounces and it measures 8.65 x 5.55 inches (the reactor is 6.8 x 2.5 inches). Again, making it extremely compact and versatile.


The new Nomad Cooking System by Stoke Voltaics is a great electrical cooking option for adventures! Some of its highlights include its compact design matched with its versatility, features, and innovative cooking technology and programs. The Nomad Cooking System is sure to offer the overlanding, camping, RV, adventure an extraordinary outdoor cooking experience.

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