Roborock Flexi Pro wet/dry vacuum review: Undisputed champ?

There are vacuums and then there are vacuums. There are knock offs and then there is the real deal. Roborock’s Flexi Pro wet and dry vacuum is the real deal. I’ve had this vacuum for over a month now, and it truly is game changing. You think your floor is getting clean with that cold wet rag being dragged behind a rolling circle. But once you witness the power of what Roborock has unleashed with the Flexi Pro, you will change your mind quickly. Put simply, Roborock makes vacuuming fun again.

It Looks Pretty

The design of the Flexi Pro is sleek, modern, and beautiful to look at. It fits perfectly in the corner of my kitchen, just out of sight enough to not be a distraction. I leave it out because it is required to be plugged in, and unfortunately, I don’t have a plug in my closet. I suppose it isn’t any different than have a robot vac station tucked there. It just sits a little taller. I place it in its base for cleaning after each use, and once I press the self-cleaning button, it goes to work dousing the self-propelling roller with 140-degree hot water – ensuring a sanitary clean every time. This is the “RevoBrush 2.0” tech at work. The machine also heat dries the roller right away to avoid any bacteria, nasty smells, or mildew build up.

Oh So Pretty

On the top of the Flexi Pro, there is a brightly lit LED screen that allows me to select my cleaning modes and displays the remaining battery life. The front of the machine has a button that gets self-cleaning started once it is on the dock. All of this is accessible in the Roborock app as well. The app is handy, but I don’t end up using it much. Within it, I can select what self-cleaning mode I desire – Balanced, Smart, or Deep. I leave it on Smart here as it does a great job. I can adjust the cleaning temps, select if I want it to auto-clean once placed on the dock, and even select my drying duration. While all this is handy, the best part to me is that I don’t need to use it. The machine does a great job simply managing itself. It is important to make sure it cleans itself after each use though.

The front of the machine stores its clean water and the rear contains a dirty water tank. The tanks are well hidden and can be removed with ease. I choose to empty the dirty water tank after each use. Finally, at the base of the vac, the speckled gray roller is removable and fits the design perfectly. If anything, this is the best looking wet dry vac out there.

A Workhorse

Putting the Roborock Flexi Pro to work is a lot of fun. I can set the mode to Auto, Max, or Eco mode to get my clean started. I tend to stick with Auto, as I like the self-detecting clean that the machine offers. While in use, I’m left in shock at the amount of debris and mess this beast is capable of devouring in one sweep. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of it running over a cereal spill etc., but seeing it actually pick up disgusting messes is a sight to behold.

It is a major relief to know this tool has my back. Literally. I no longer have to get down and scrub when a mess occurs. With three rowdy boys and two demanding cats running around the house, messes and spills are guaranteed. One of my cats likes to knock over any unmonitored glass left out. 9/10 times there is a significant amount of liquid in the cup. No worries, a quick swipe with the Flexi Pro and voila it’s gone and clean. The Flexi Pro gets its name for good reason. It’s the only vacuum I’m aware of that lays flat on the ground. This allows me to vacuum in under very hard to reach places and ensures a deep clean throughout any hard floor home. A well-designed headlight also helps for me to see what I’m cleaning up in the dark hard to see spaces.

With 17,000Pa, it’s no wonder the machine is so impactful. To put this in perspective, the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra is easily seen as the top Robo Vac available. Its suction power is 10,000Pa. The Flexi Pro offers a much deeper clean – if you’re willing to gently walk behind it as it propels itself gently forward.

Not Quite Perfect

The reason I became a Roborock fan is they think of everything. The consumer is at the forefront, and they make life so much easier. When I think of Roborock, I usually think of their incredible Robot vac lineup, but the Flexi Pro has me excited. My tests occur at the lake cabin. It cleans my hard floors better than anything I’ve tried. I no longer need my steam mop. This floor sees more debris than usual because of all the sand and dirt multiple families track in on a daily basis. Honestly, it’s a blessing. But – there is one thing I would change. I’d make the tanks bigger. Both the clean and dirty water tanks just need more room to keep this thing running. In the end, I just want a device that I don’t have to fuss with. For the most part the Flexi Pro is that machine. However, I do have to empty the dirty water tank more frequently than I’d like to due to the smaller capacity.

If I know Roborock, this will be corrected quickly in the next iteration, and I look forward to getting my hands on it.


So, is the Roborock Flexi Pro the undisputed champ of the wet dry vacuum world? It’s tough to say for sure. It’s easily the best design. It is a dominating workhorse that gets the job done. It has certainly made my life easier and could do the same for you. At a $499 price, it’s leaps and bounds better than any robot vac/mop combo and much more affordable. This is an incredible option for those who don’t mind a brief walk around the home for a deep clean.

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