Woodland Tools 14′ Heavy Duty Tree Pruner Review: Towering Performance

In Minnesota, Spring is here a bit early. Well, almost here. There is always a surprise snowstorm peaking around every May and April corner, but for the most part, the weather is changing for the better. As I gaze out my back sliding door window, I can’t help but notice a number of dead branches that need pruning. Some of them are far too high for my reach. It doesn’t matter though. I bust out my new Woodland Tools 14′ Heavy Duty Tree Pruner, and I make short work of it all. The pruner has become a trusted companion for trimming. Here’s why.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Woodland Tree Pruner is highly regarded for its durability and reliability. It is clearly constructed from high-quality and long lasting materials. The pole of the pruner is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use without bending or breaking. This ensures stability and safety even when extended to reach higher branches. The cutting mechanism, including the blade and cutting head, is crafted from carbon steel, ensuring sharpness and longevity. Both the 12′ and 14′ model feature corrosion-resistant coatings, further enhancing their durability in outdoor environments where exposure to moisture and other elements are common. Additionally, attention to detail in the design and assembly process make the components fit together seamlessly. This minimizes the risk of malfunction or failure during operation. In my experience, this tool is simple to use and very intuitive.

Overall, the Woodland Tree Pruner’s build quality reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and durability, making it a trusted tool for arborists, landscapers, and homeowners alike.

Ease of Use

Using the Woodland tools pruner promotes healthier regrowth and reducing the risk of disease transmission. The thing that helps make the Woodland Tools Tree Pruner stand out as an invaluable tool is its multifaceted approach to arboriculture and land maintenance. My favorite feature is its telescopic design. This enables easy access to branches nearly twenty feet high. I’m short so this is realistically a little less for me. Woodland Tools designed the pole saw with safety in mind – promoting safe and efficient pruning practices without the need for precarious climbing. This not only ensures the safety of the operator but also minimizes damage to surrounding vegetation. The blades are sharp and precise which ensures the blades allow for clean cuts.

Additionally, cord management allows me to keep the cord nearby, so it doesn’t swing away when I need to use the pruner. I have an old pole saw with a rope, and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I drop it during use. Moreover, its lightweight construction and ergonomic handle make it user-friendly which caters to both professionals and amateurs alike. I’ve seen and heard of terrible accidents happen as a result of good intentions, a saw, and a ladder. Please exercise caution during use of the pruner and use it in a safe manner.

The carbon steel saw blade is incredibly sharp, and it slices through dead branches with relative ease. Don’t plan on sawing through anything bigger than a few inches though. It’s not meant to chop large branches. Instead, it expertly hacks away at dried out dead foliage. Ultimately, the Woodland Tree Pruner emerges as an indispensable asset, facilitating the care and maintenance of trees with unparalleled ease and effectiveness. Oh, and as a side note, I always recommend reviewing state regulations and suggestions before deciding to trim. No one wants to lose a beautiful oak tree to oak wilt simply because of trimming at the wrong time.


The Woodland Tools 14′ Heavy Duty Tree Pruner is now an essential tool for tree care and maintenance. It offers unparalleled ease and effectiveness while ensuring safety and promoting the health of my trees. It’s a massive step up from the hand me down you most likely have from the old homeowner or your parents. If you don’t currently have an option for trimming those hard-to-reach branches in your own landscaping, this pole saw ought to be on your shortlist.

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