Zenni glasses review: New frames and lenses at a fraction of the price

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I hate the sick feeling that crawls into the pit of my stomach forcing it to drop. Scratching my lenses is bad enough, but losing my glasses altogether is downright painful. I’ve left them in hotel rooms, restaurants, department stores. I’ve stepped on them and dropped them in the lake. I hate spending money on something I just should not have to – no one to blame but myself. Let’s not even get into the cost – errrr record scratch – let’s talk about the cost. A friend was cool enough to tell me about Zenni Optical, and I am officially sold on their products. My latest pair of glasses from Zenni literally cost me less than $80, and this includes the lenses and the frames – not to mention a host of other features.

Here at BlitzReviews, we try to just tell you up front how we feel about products, and quite honestly, we mostly review stuff we kinda wanted anyways. I’m still going to be fair and honest in my assessment, but I have to just let you know off the bat – Zenni Optical is worth it. The glasses I had before Zenni cost me nearly $400 which I now consider to be ludicrous. No, you’re not going to get a pair of Ray Ban’s prescription glasses for that price, but I promise you’ll find something you like anyways. Here is how it works.

Naturally, I need a prescription in order to snag Zenni glasses so once that is done, I simply head to the website or app. I sign up, try on a bunch of glasses virtually (I used a webcam on a PC for this), save my favorites for viewing, and eventually pick my go to pair. Next, I put in my prescription, head to checkout and add options like blue light blocking, anti-glare technology, and a few other options. I make mine fingerprint resistant. I can even add transition lenses or sunglass clips to most pairs of regular specs.

The process is so simple. The problem is I initially had trust issues. Can I really order something so important to how I look online? I really want to try them on in real time. I decide to throw caution to the wind and make the purchase. Within about 5-7 days, I get my glasses in a hard case right in the mail. They come glasses cleaner and fit decently in the case, so I’ll keep it around for future use. I try them on – voila – just like the picture I liked in the first place. The cam worked just as well as any mirror. I order another pair.

The reason I’m able to order another pair is the price. Who ever heard of snagging two different pairs of glasses for less than the price of one? In fact, I could’ve bought about 4 pairs for the price I used to pay for glasses. Cost is a major win here. Quality is too.

The frames I choose feel solid and sturdy, and I just know as long as I take care of them, I’m going to be worry free. I’m now on my third pair of Zenni Glasses? Why? I lost a pair, and the best part about it is I didn’t feel sick to my stomach about it. It’s about time a company like this came about and shed some light on the overpriced world it broke into. Well done Zenni – oh and thanks too.

By the way – they offer sunglasses (including prescription) too. I haven’t tried them, but…rumor has it sunglasses are kind of expensive too. Perhaps those will be my next purchase.

This review is based off of an actual purchase. Zenni did not provide product or pay Blitzreviews.com for this content. Just a real-life example of a great product.

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